LED Conversions

Convert your old neon or fluorescent sign to an energy-efficient LED sign!

Illuminated outdoor signs were historically fabricated with fluorescent bulbs as the industry standard. Today, there are energy efficient LED light sticks, strips and links that are economical, long-lasting and environmentally-friendly.

LEDs can replace the old fluorescent bulbs in your existing pylon signs and light boxes, or you can choose to upgrade your signs to include internal aluminum reflective panels and ultra bright LED lighting. There are even options (depending on the existing signs age) for LED light sticks that fit into the existing fluorescent bulb sockets. Contact us for a free estimate on converting or retrofitting your old energy-consuming, inefficient neon or fluorescent outdoor sign to energy-saving LED outdoor signs – AND SAVE MONEY!

The benefits of converting to LED include:
  • LED longevity with minimum maintenance
  • Money-saving, efficient, low-energy consumption
  • Ultra bright signs attract customers and increase exposure
  • Most LED installs endure over 100,000 lighted hours
  • Durable against vibration and weather conditions
  • Easy to repair and maintain if damaged
  • LEDs are mercury-free and therefore safe for the environment
  • LEDs provide quality light unlike aging, flickering fluorescent bulbs
  • LEDs are shatterproof and safer to work around
  • May qualify for government LED energy rebate programs